Teen Who Accused Torii Hunter’s Son of Sex Assault Changed Story

The teen who accused professional baseball player Torii Hunter’s son of sexual assault in May 2012 admitted it didn’t happen during a deposition with attorneys obtained by News 8.

Darius McClinton Hunter’s life was turned upside down for a sex assault his accuser now says never occurred. News 8 obtained court depositions taken by Hunter’s attorney, Larry Friedman.

He asked the 16-year-old accuser, “And you performed a sex act on Darius, is that right?” She responded, “Yes.”

“And you did that freely and voluntarily?” Friedman asked. The girl again responded, “Yes.”

Since he was accused and arrested in May 2012, Hunter and his father, Detroit Tigers player Torii Hunter, have proclaimed his innocence. His accuser initially told police Hunter and another teen pulled her shorts and underwear off, held her against her will and forced her to perform a sex act.

But his attorney asked her in the deposition, “And you weren’t held against your will in the bathroom by Darius, correct?” She responded, “Correct.” Friendman then asked, “And Darius never threatened you with any force in the bathroom, correct?” She echoed, “Correct.”

Hunter was later cleared by a grand jury on criminal charges but his attorney says his life was ruined. The football star was kicked off the Prosper High School football team and lost scholarships to Division I colleges. He is now suing his accuser and her friends who initially corroborated her story.

His attorney asks, “And everything you did on the night of May 4, 2012 was consensual correct? She once again responded, “Correct.”

In the deposition, the accuser also admits to having consensual sex with one of Hunter’s friends during the same incident.

The accuser’s attorney did not return requests for comment.

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